How many boxes?

Calculating the number of tiles needed to complete a renovation is easy. Here is how the pros do it:

Break any complicated areas into a series of rectangles. Measure the length and width (or height) of each rectangle and multiply the measurements. Imagine the first rectangle to the left of the stove is 48" long by 18" high, or 864 square inches. The second rectangle behind the stove measures 30" wide by 30" tall, or 900 square inches. The third rectangle to the right of the stove measures 72" long by 18" tall, or 1,296 square inches.
Continue until all the rectangles are measured and multiplied, then add the total number of square inches. Following the example above, 864 plus 900 plus 1,296 equals 3,060 square inches.
Then add a minimum of 15% to the measurement to account for installation losses. Again, following our example, add 459 square inches, for a total of 3,519 square inches.
If you have a complicated section of cuts (for example around multiple electrical outlets) or a complicated pattern (like herringbone) purchase and additional 5-10% extra to overcome installation losses.
The last trick: take the total calculated number of square inches and divide by 1440 to arrive at the number of boxes you need to purchase.
Following our example, 3519 divided by 1440 = 2.44 boxes. You will need to order 3 boxes in your shopping cart.

Important note:

Don't skimp by not buying enough tiles the first time around.

All fired ceramic and glass tiles have in something in common: each batch is slightly different. Tiles are sold in batches to ensure consistency within the batch. It is almost certain that your first batch of tile will vary from a second batch purchased at a later date, so don't let that happen to you.